About Us

Our history has started with a lot of work and will continue with dedication to every customer because each individual and building deserve to breathe freely!

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About Us

Our history is the motive of a laborious past. Our experience has led us in achieving our common goals as a company. The large number of employees in our team is an assurance and proof of what you choose!

About Us

Behar Imeri – CEO

We spend a portion of our lives every time we breathe, and each breath costs us by making us aware of its importance. During this time, when the air problem is serious, you have the opportunity to provide yourself a solution by cooperating with Cesovent for the freshness and purity of the air where you live.

Responsibility is great when large-scale projects depend on your company, but emotions are also big when you see positive results, i.e., emotions we have experienced with each project. The decision to work in this profession was not easy because of the responsibility we have for each air particle circulating in the space we take over, and when you face this kind of issues you realize how important their solution is, therefore we trust no one more than ourselves when practising this profession. Over the years, we continuously gained more experience and professionalism at work, and we registered our company in 2011 under the name Cesovent. During the first years of our work, we operated with a small number of employees, including 4 employees, but with the achievement of success at work we expanded the number of employees and working capacity which today has reached up to 50 employees. The same year I was appointed manager of the company and responsibilities increased even more. Being always careful with the work we do and taking responsibility for each project implemented by our company, we guarantee our clients that we are serious and open for cooperation with everyone.

Our history has started with a lot of work and will continue with dedication to every customer because each individual and building deserve to breathe freely!


  1. February 1996

    The establishment of the company

    The first activities started in this field. Little known to our country, but very necessary.

  2. AUGUST 2004

    Team expansion

    The need for team expansion came quickly as a result of the number of projects.

  3. SEPTEMBER 2008

    Large-scale project

    We implemented the first large-scale project, i.e., Tetovo clinical hospital.

  4. JANUARY 2011

    Behar Imeri is appointed its director

    Cesovent passes in the hands of Behar Imeri as its director.

  5. MARCH 2014

    ‘Skopje 2014’ project

    We were trusted some large-scale projects from the ‘Skopje 2014’ project.

  6. OCTOBER 2017

    Team expansion

    The number of employees increased drastically due to winning large number of projects.

  7. AUGUST 2019

    Cesovent Kosovo

    Our success extended to Kosovo as well. Our first branch was opened in another country. We achieved the establishment of Cesovent Kosovo.

  8. NOVEMBER 2020

    ‘Skopje East Gate’ project

    This year brought the company’s biggest project to date. We were trusted to carry out all activities related to our profession at Skopje East Gate.


Our company’s specialized team of engineers designs the perfect air circulation system for your facility.


Project implementation with guaranteed quality is the answer you get after each planning, and we have always resulted with maximum success.


We always respond to all customers’ requests at any time for all installed Cesovent units. We maintain every project carried out by our company!

Slide Air Orcestration BRAND Our brand is a result of creative work of people with artistic taste. CESOVENT name symbolizes ventilation of all types of objects. The logo is a combination of colors symbolizing cold and warm, forming the object in which you live. The slogan of the company ‘Air Orcestration’ represents what we all do for our clients. We are the air adjusters in every environment.
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