About Us

Our history has started with a lot of work and will continue with dedication to every customer because each individual and building deserve to breathe freely!

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Air Orcestration Perfect air circulation with cutting-edge technology WELCOME TO CESOVENT More Inside each space! Perfect air circulation with cutting-edge technology WELCOME TO CESOVENT More Advanced technology! Perfect air circulation with cutting-edge technology WELCOME TO CESOVENT More




Perfect air circulation with cutting-edge technology
Ideal choice of temperature according to your needs
Each season is now comfortable for you
Solar Energy
Save money by utilizing natural resources

Air Orcestration

Cesovent is not just an air-conditioning and ventilation installation company. We are a big family working to bring you comfort in each living space and make sure that your building will have no air circulation problems. The experience gained in Switzerland since 1986 is a proof that we offer quality work and sincere cooperation.







Our company’s specialized team of engineers designs the perfect air circulation system for your facility.



Project implementation with guaranteed quality is the answer you get after each planning, and we have always resulted with maximum success.



We always respond to all customers’ requests at any time for all installed Cesovent units. We maintain every project carried out by our company!


About us

The journey of our company started in 1986 in the village of Bogovina - Tetovo. In the same year, the founder of the company, Nasir Imeri, started working with ventilation systems with a very small capacity, but with experience from Switzerland. The 12-year experience in Switzerland was the biggest incentive that influenced the successful growth of the company Cesovent which resulted with bringing Swiss professionalism. Over the years, experience and professionalism at work was continuously growing.

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Arta Ziberi

We did not know that our facility was suffocating until we started cooperating with Cesovent. We were often saying that we needed air, but opening doors or windows was always causing trouble to us. Cesovent has perfectly solved our problem because we breathe freely in our company without feeling it at all.

Graduated engineer

Imrja Selami

Room temperature problems are present in each season. Each family member requires appropriate temperature level to feel comfortable. We were not aware that there was a collective choice until our friends recommended Cesovent for cooperation. Thanks to them we already have one less problem in our home.


Fatmir Iseni

Organizing events with a large number of guests poses a problem because nothing can help environment air freshness. We were initially in doubt about its implementation when Cesovent planned the facility air circulation, but a perfect job makes the realization of any project in paper easier.



Do you offer services for houses?

Yes. Our company offers services to all clients interested for cooperation, regardless of the size of the project. We are ready to design and implement any project, regardless of the space size.

Do you offer guarantee for your work?

Cesovent is known for its quality work, but we still offer guarantee for every service and product by always relying on the product lifespan.

Which companies do you cooperate with?

We cooperate with the following companies: Panasonic, Emmeti, Bosch, Werit, Wilo, Oneflex, Cvsair.

What are the benefits of solar energy?

The main benefits of solar energy are the reduction of costs and return of investment in a short time period.