About us

Few words about us

The journey of our company is a story which started since 1996 in the village of Bogovinje - Tetovo. In the same year, its founder, Nasir Imeri, began working with ventilation, but with a small capacity but with the experience brought from Switzerland. 12 years experience gained in Switzerland, were the greatest push which led to the increasing success of the Company Cesovent and brought the Swiss professionalism. Over the years, we were more and more gaining experience and professionalism in the work, and in 2011 the company was registered as valid company with th name Cedovent. In the early years of our work, we were working with a small capacity of employees, including only 4 employees and with a success at work we expanded the number of employees and the capacity of working, which today has reached up to 11 employees. With director Behar Imeri, Cesovent continues on its journey with a successful management and with favorable results. Professionalised Team and quality materials, which we use during our work, are key elements that distinguish us from other competitors in the market. Always attentive to do the work and responsibile for any work that comes out from our company, we guarantee to our customers that we are serious and cooperative with all.


Cesovent works toward its goal. We are clear and we work for what we want. We give our best in our work to be the leader in the chain of companies operating in the field where we operate.

Our duty

The task of ventilation in buildings is the continuous replacement of the polluted air inside the building with fresh air from outside, in order to maintain the conditions of optimum hygiene, which are necessary for a healthy life, and our duties as Cesovent to offer this opportunity to all who wish to cooperate with us.

For you

Since our company Cesovent began operating, we focused on what you have to offer to customers actually what we can offer to them. Aware of the importance of ventilation in each building, we have choosen the best materials and most professionalized team for being available for you and your needs. Choose us and we will be there to give freshness to each building.

Board of Directors

Naser Imeri


Behar Imeri


Faton Esati